Wellness challenge at CodeChem

Wellness challenge at CodeChem

Building a strong culture is key. With that, we create a stable, happy and productive workplace, which leads us to happy colleagues. It is a reflection of our company’s vision, values, and goals.

But what exactly makes up our company culture?

Building a strong culture is developed naturally and starts with caring for the people's wellness. With this challenge, we encourage our people to adopt healthier habits, by suggesting small and fun things they can start doing to improve their overall wellness.

Health club adventure!

On any given day here, in our beautiful kitchen, you’ll find fresh fruit, dried fruit and more. Our drink selection has evolved over the years, and we think we’ve finally found a mix of drinks to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you’re a juice fan or prefer to drink diet sodas, we’ve got you covered.

But, we always want to experiment and find alternatives.

One of the initiators is our colleague Stefan who just started raising awareness of healthy living by forming а healthy food club. The idea is to educate everyone on healthy diets and lifestyle.

According to that, on Thursday we invited Hristijan from pro-fit.mk to present us their products. We had а testing of healthy snacks, bars, chips and drinks.

We talk with Stefan about his initiatives and ideas for the club.

Below, you can read more about his plans and ideas! ⬇️

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Stefan's thought about his motive behind this initiative:

  • What I have learned over these years is that life as a programmer can be tricky. While most of the time is spent sitting in front of a computer, good habits such as eating healthy, being physically active, and taking care of mental health can be neglected. This can affect your vision and your sleep patterns.
  • So, here is my story...
  • I've always had a sporting spirit. Simply, I love sports. It's in my DNA. Back in school I used to train football and athletics and was really invested in it. As I got older my energy was decreasing more and more. I ate one to two meals a day, large meals and usually junk food. Later, I've signed up to train cross-fit in order to bring my energy back.

  • We all know that cross-fit requires strict discipline. During that period, I realised I had to make a change and balance out my diet. Because one of the factors to get my energy back was the food, it encouraged me to become more curious and to start researching. Through discussions with my coach and friends, I started collecting opinions and diet methods that I incorporated in my daily routine.

  • I started to feel much better. My motivation returned! I’ve learned a lot about good nutrition, and I've tried out many methods myself. When I started eating healthier, I felt a huge improvement in my life and my work as a programmer. The interesting thing is that this healthy lifestyle has become a positive obsession for me.

  • My goal with this club is to motivate my colleagues to gain healthier habits which would improve their life and make them happier and healthier. To share my example and the knowledge I gained on this journey with my colleagues. To motivate them not only to start eating healthy and living healthier, but to get out of the comfort zone. Let's not neglect sports. Which is also a major factor in every person's life. Also, we have recently established a sports club in our company.
  • And most importantly, to create a healthier, more productive and fun environment here at CodeChem for everyone. The plan is to include activities related to health. Recipes, exchange of knowledge and experiences, a day for smoothies, even physical activities, running marathons and so on.
  • At the very end, I want to recommend that making an effort to eat well and stay in good shape can improve the overall quality of life. You’ll see benefits, such as increased focus and motivation.