Road To An Internship - The Rough Break [2/3]

Road To An Internship - The Rough Break [2/3]


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What's up!

We're continuing to the third part of my Road to an Internship series! Last time I was sharing my experiences with API's and the little Discord bot I made which implemented my knowledge of API's. In this part I'll put a highlight on burnouts in programming and the learning curve I had with React.

The Rough Break ๐Ÿ›‘

There was a silent phase from me after the last project. I was making websites who never saw the light of day and I was trying to master Node.js more each day! However one day I decided that I was ready for React and so the journey began. It was a long journey, mainly because I couldn't really get the hand of React, there were multiple tries back and fourth but I couldn't understand the main concept of React. So I began to think of a way to overcome React and I decided to do what I used to do on my previous project and how I learned past technologies - a pet project!

One thing you guys might not know about me is that I love music and I'm always around music, it was always a dream of mine to make a website that displays your favorite artists and tracks from Spotify and one night as I was browsing Spotify's API, I had a breakthrough - I decided to make a website to display a user's favorite artists or tracks using React.

Before I continue I want to talk about the minor burnout I had as a programmer. In my case it wasn't that serious but I was so obsessed on becoming a better programmer it killed my motivation. After I made my Discord bot, my motivation went down and now when I look back to it, the main reason was because I was overworked. This is the main reason I struggled with React so much. It was a big learning curve, I must admit but combine that with a slight burnout and it wasn't the most pleasant experience. No matter what's your skill level, we should all take a step back because a break is almost as important as doing our job.

Now, let's continue where we left off! As I was building my website, I started to fall in love with programming more and more. I found a place where I could share my creativity. After a week and a half, I was finally done and it was time to name the project, so Andrej's Tunes was born! If you visit it, you can see it's an archived Github repository. Why so? In the next chapter I'll talk on how I reworked this website and how you can always improve your code. So what resources did I lean onto when I was making this website? In this specific chapter of my series I'll give you a tip that is used a lot in the real world. The best resource on learning a new technology is the documentation, I was heavily leaning on these following documentations:

What's next? โšก

In the next chapter I'll talk about how I burst out of my bubble and surrounded myself by amazing programmers who made me take my programming skills to the next level!