Road To An Internship - Moving On [1/3]

Road To An Internship - Moving On [1/3]


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This is the second part of my Road To An Internship series, last time we left off right as I was finishing my pet project Omnifoods. It was a simple website with some jQuery mixed with it, however a very important lesson for me to learn! I've had more concrete knowledge on responsiveness.

Moving On ๐Ÿ‘‰

The last project was quite crucial and as a developer, I suggest everyone starting from the very basics. This way you can learn a lot more, even if you feel confident - you can always learn more! However I was far from my final goal. I started reading up on API's and started watching YouTube videos to better improve my knowledge. Some videos that helped me a lot are the following:

Like before, I wanted to start another project, that's the best way for me to learn. I've always wanted to make a Disord bot but not just any Discord bot - I've had in mind to use an API provided by Riot Games for one of their games called Teamfight Tactics. The main goal for this project was to make it display statistics about the username entered, this way I could learn more about HTTP requests and on top of that, I would improve my knowledge with Node.js and Javascript! Here's the API I've used.

After countless of hours, days and a lot of coffees, I finished River Sprite , that was the name I went for when naming the Discord bot. I must admit - it's quite a messy code, I know it's good practice to always have clean code but the knowledge I acquired was priceless. I've decided to use the original code I had, for everyone that is starting and is interested - I hope it motivates you to start off project

In the next chapter... ๐Ÿ‘พ

Next time I'll be talking more about my "Silent Period" - where I focused mostly on React and I'll have a segment on how to avoid burnouts.