How our company logo became a viral hit on Instagram

How our company logo became a viral hit on Instagram

It was 26th of June when we published our first stickers on Giphy. We wanted to make something cool for our company's birthday, so our colleague Lazar designed a set of amazing stickers. But then something unexpected happened.

Untitled design (2).gif

We noticed in our analytics dashboard that the number of views on one of the stickers has increased drastically. There were almost 80 million views. We did think that something was happening, but didn't pay too much attention. Later, some of our colleagues noticed a video circulating on Instagram where people are using our logo, a walking duck gif and the "Life goes on" song playing in the background. It was both amazing and unexpected to see our company logo being used in a huge internet trend.


The views are still growing. We did a little research and found out that people even started to make tutorials on YouTube on how to do this reel on Instagram.


Based on our name, CodeChem (or Code Chemistry), we enter into the world of chemistry. Our initials, CC, in chemistry is the Diatomic Carbon compound. The "dark" color in our branding comes from the carbon. There's a comet called Lovejoy which emits a green glow due to the diatomic carbon, hence our green color in our branding. Carbon's atomic number is 6. That's how I decided to use a hexagon as the base for our logo. The letter C is an inner hexagon with its right side removed, so it resembles the letter. In CodeChem we're all friends and buddies. That's why the corners are rounded. There are no rough edges in here. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Check out some of the videos:

We're so happy that our company logo's gif caused people to make such positive and awesome reels. Also, we're so excited about the results from it.