Epic Neos Marmaras Team Building

Epic Neos Marmaras Team Building

CodeChem Takes it All, Loser Has to Fall

According to a recent study, we spend around 90,000 hours at work during our lifetime. Although our working environment is pleasant and friendly, some of the best bonding experiences come from letting loose and having fun together. Simply put, there are days when you won’t have the time to talk with everyone at the office, and when you work with more than 70 people, the chances that you’ll bond with everyone are one in a million.

That’s why we are going to talk about our team-building.

It lasted three days and was a fantastic opportunity for us to come together and collaborate. We learned that working in a diverse team can lead to tremendous success, and little did we know that our strategies would connect us more than ever! It was a valuable experience for everyone involved.

Now let’s shed more light on the matter of our team building. Keep reading; one thing is for sure; you will laugh till the end!

Arrival and Survival

Last week, we wrapped up work and immediately left for our dear neighbor Greece. After a four-hour journey, we arrived at a stunning resort and were pleasantly surprised by the breathtaking natural surroundings. We were delighted to discover we were next to the beach, making our stay more enjoyable.

Despite arriving very late, we had a productive workshop the following day near the pool bar, where we discussed ways to improve and celebrate our accomplishments. During the session, we shared our opinions and contributed a lot.

Let’s see the atmosphere:

Where CC Crew and the Beach Sand Became One

We had a lot of activities on the beach, such as “Human Knot and Focus Ring.” It was all about communication, strategy, and listening to instructions from our teammates. If there is one word that we can use to describe everyone at CodeChem, that is COMPETITIVENESS. Luckily, there weren’t many tourists on the beach. It was a hell of a noise!

We were assigned to a new team each day, and the names were quite interesting. We are familiar with everyone here being creative, but it was the right time to bring this to the surface. The beach was filled with laughter; we could all feel the enthusiasm and excitement.

It was amusing to witness the transition from sharing a desk with a colleague one day to fighting alongside them in the sand the next, all for the sake of winning as a team! In addition, we had a trivia game that revealed some people's strengths and weaknesses in geography, history, and other fields. From Scavenger Hunt to CC trivia questions, we all graduated somehow, but some of us pointed out our talent more than others and even won a prize.

During our stay, we revealed that some people mastered all card games to the extent that it looked like they were playing against Stu Ungar. Then we all presented our Picasso skills and made crazy drawings on funny topics we would not publicly speak of. :) Also, it was nice to hear what your colleagues think of you, which was just another activity on the list.

Almost all activities brought our funny and intelligent side and the need for mutual help, our core value in the company. So maybe that’s why we are so natural and get along so well.

Spaghetti Architecture

The spaghetti challenge was a consolation prize for those who had never visited some of the European cities' most famous tourist attractions. For instance, there was a team who built a castle of spaghetti that was so leaning that it looked like the Tower of Pisa. The other group was convinced they had made a better castle, which really looked like some of the oldest Basilicas in Europe.

We are lucky there was no wind; otherwise, our buildings wouldn’t last even a minute. Some of us lost, some won, and we still don’t know how to build something stable from spaghetti, which is fine. We can all survive without this skill.

Glamping and Grooving

Our team has successfully transformed a once-deserted beach into an exquisite glamping area. We spared no effort to make sure the location was amazing. As a bonus, we even set up a campfire where we enjoyed roasting marshmallows. In addition, we built our bar to serve a wide range of drinks and refreshments. While partying, the installed lights complemented the ambiance perfectly.

We decided to be a little selfish this time and will not reveal what exactly happened there, but again, the band “Burek so Svirenje” nailed it. We had a blast, and thanks to everyone who organized the games, such as Family Feud, the party, “Rebloom,” and everyone else involved in the organization. Later in the night, we noticed a big cactus surrounding the area. Some of us even had the opportunity to feel it on our skin. (\Gently plays Hurt by Johnny Cash*) :D

Go Green, or We Will All Scream!

Now, let’s give a round of applause to those who helped clean up after the party and not just after the party but to everyone who was always aware of keeping everything clean. Our actions show that we care for the environment. You may have noticed CodeChem's color, so we are genuinely green. :) Let's continue to strive for sustainability and care for our environment.

Wine and Dining

We ended the team building with a lovely lunch at Lazar Winery. The scenery, the vineyard, and the sunset were so stunning; it was simply a picture-perfect landscape! The food was delicious, and we enjoyed it.

Sooth yourselves!

Final Thoughts

Before you cue your eyes about this, we are one crew constantly trying to improve things for everyone. :) We care about and respect each other. You can easily see this because no one got mad during the games, and everything went smoothly, which was awesome! Our bond strengthens each day, and we constantly prove that CodeChem is all about the people. We make this company a happy and safe workplace; everyone has a special place here.

We cannot thank you enough for being here and present for everything happening!


<3, CodeChem

*Bacovka is a colloquial term for “kissing” in certain areas and cities in Macedonia, such as Strumica.