CodeChem at European Chess Club Cup 2021

CodeChem at European Chess Club Cup 2021

Delighted to share the news that we were the sponsors of the most elite competition in chess held in Struga, hosted by Шаховска Федерација на Македонија / Chess Federation of Macedonia. 🤩

It featured the best European chess teams. Magnus Carlsen (the reigning world champion), Alexander Grischuk, Peter Svidler, Daniil Dubov and many other chess grandmasters took part in the event.

We had the pleasure of meeting them and seeing them play chess in live.

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We liked the idea of sponsoring this event because chess is a game that is very respected and represents intelligence and strategy. When we were debating if we wanted to align our company with the tournament, we unanimously said yes! All of us were really excited for many reasons. One reason was the possibility of breaking into and becoming involved in the chess community, the main reason was:

We love chess and we are big advocates of it.


Chess has a deep and positive impact on our company's culture. Through chess, we become closer, create bonds and passion for the game. We show our competitiveness. Regardless of the outcome, each game teaches us something new. Playing chess also improves our abilities to focus. And focus is important in our everyday life as we are confronted with daily tasks and deadlines. Also, we try to make the best choices to develop positive outcomes. The wonderful part is that you can show your creativity through moves, plans and tactics.

The tournament in Struga was like a dream come true, especially for our chess players to meet the world's greatest chess players and to watch them play.


Congratulations to all participants and congratulations to the Шаховска Федерација на Македонија / Chess Federation of Macedonia for the remarkable organization. It was a unique experience for us.

We had lots of fun!

We'll keep you posted on our next adventures. 💚