An April Fools’ Party or a Royal Gathering?

An April Fools’ Party or a Royal Gathering?

Step into the world of the most famous Wallachian hero, Vlad the Impaler, and his wife, who time-traveled to meet the Tudors. They were known for their strange antics, like Henry VIII, the king with an insatiable appetite who loved disguises.

At our recent party, our colleagues reflected this Tudor theme with a Romanian accent through their costumes, looking so convincing that they could have easily traveled back in time. Their hilarious costumes won the best group costume award for April Fools' Day.

Are you sure this isn't Elizabeth I in the pictures? :) Or her mother, hand in hand with her husband, accompanied by the striking beauty of Vlad’s wife and Vlad himself?

The party had this cool Western theme going on, with cowboys tossing their hats around. And can you believe it? We could still hear Mandark's laughter, Dexter's biggest rival, echoing throughout the place. Are we still in Dexter’s laboratory?

There was also an Asian corner where we got to experience some traditional clothing. Oh, and not to forget the Lipton tea group mask that brought nature to us while we had to keep an eye out for the pirates, who are known for their bad behavior of stealing stuff.

Kаде ми е HDMI кабелот? Кој го украде донглето од конференциска?


We won't spill the beans about this year's best individual costume award, as we don't want to be kicked off social media, but let's talk about the awesome things these people did to make the event even more unforgettable!

A mixology station

Yup, the cocktails were out of this world! Our very own personal cocktail expert created a custom menu for us, and it was all just perfect. The music was on point, too - our famous DJ had us all dancing and singing along to his amazing playlists.

Let's not forget our show master and judoka—he definitely won the crowds with his hilarious jokes and incredible hosting skills. But then, out of nowhere, Hermione showed up and cast a spell, "*Evanesco!"* that made us all go home and disappear.

It's amazing, don't you think? CodeChem is hosting many important events, including Open Day, which will be held on May 11th this year at our offices. This is our biggest event and is an excellent opportunity for students in their 3rd or 4th year of study, especially those looking for internships and employment.

If this blog post made you want to be present on our April Fools' Day, or if you believe our culture and vibe match your skills and education, be sure not to miss the registration link for Open Day, which we will share very soon!