Road To An Internship - Starting Off [0/3]

Road To An Internship - Starting Off [0/3]


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Hey folks!

In December of 2020, I decided to pursue a career as a web developer - in this series of articles I'll be talking about the steps I took. You don't have to follow these exact steps, however I wanted to write about my experience and on top of that I hope to motivate some of you future developers who are currently trying to forge your own path!

I'm far from a full stack web developer, nevertheless I have the mindset of learning new things everyday. Taking that in account, I've accomplished a lot of my goals that I had in mind when I was starting. One of them was securing an internship and working what I love.

Starting Off ๐ŸŒŸ

I have to say that I had prior programming knowledge before I started learning with a more serious approach. Where did I start? CSS. I practiced CSS a LOT. It might sound weird, but if you start working with responsive designs, grid designs, flexbox and the rest, you need to know CSS quite well. I recommend everyone who's a beginner to use Bootstrap's Grid system. As I was working through the grid system, I was acquiring knowledge in colors. Adobe Color is an amazing tool which assisted me in choosing and picking colors.

My way of learning is making projects - in my opinion that is the best way to learn a skill. I picked up a Udemy course about CSS and created a website called Omnifoods.

It's not the finest websites, however I acquired plenty of knowledge. Some other pretty useful websites if you're starting are Glyphs, 0to255 and last but not least Octopus.

I'm in love with Octopus since it makes sure you plan out your website prior to doing the programming.

To be continued... ๐Ÿ”œ

That's how I started out, in the next article I'll be talking how I learned about API's, Node.js and much more. Thanks for reading!