The story of CodeChem

CodeChem (CC) is a software development company incorporated in Canada and Macedonia back in 2015. It is founded by software engineers and technology lovers who have significant experience as technical leaders and system architects in the companies they’ve worked before.

By 2021 the company grew to +30 people hiring some of the best talent in Macedonia and worked successfully to put this talent into an environment that nourishes professionalism, high degree of technology exploration and applying the most sound SDLC practices in the industry.

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In a world of technologies, platforms and frameworks expansion our main goal is to find the right balance between exploitation and exploration of our knowledge. The main reason CodeChem was founded was exactly this, to try and apply working model where every individual will consider their job as:

  • Lifelong learning;
  • An art of creating the most elegant solutions to the problems they are faced with;
  • Help their peers to achieve these ideals.

We have the highest employee retention rate in our country. We are quite picky about who will be a part of CodeChem but we also give our best for every colleague to receive the environment he deserves and needs to grow.

The way we work

We work transparently, we have regular knowledge sharing sessions, code reviews and daily stand-ups means all the team members are well aligned and no one needs to reinvent the wheel when it comes to implementing a similar feature to already existing ones. We can count on shared knowledge and expertise from the rest of our team working on other projects.

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At CodeChem, ask and share is a must, we greatly value the growth mindset, passion, creative freedom and employees synergy.